About Us

Zara Demir Çelik started its service in Bayrampaşa / Istanbul in 2004 by Adem Kaygusuz and Kenan Macit to sell and process Iron and Steel products. Zara Iron and Steel has been giving service to its customers by keeping customer satisfaction in the forefront since its establishment, by supplying especially Qualified Steel and Tool Steels products used in the machining industry.

As Zara Iron and Steel, we meticulously cut and deliver to small and large-scale machine and mold manufacturers in the dimensions they demand, with our rich product variety and strong stock, in iron and steel products that we import or dealer.   We deliver the materials to the companies in Istanbul to their doorsteps. At the same time, we make our customers steel workable with our cleaning-grinding workshop established in 2014 within our company.

Qualified Steel products;
The desired size of product groups such as Hot Work Tool Steels, Cold Work Tool Steels, Plastic Tool Steels, High Speed Steels, Free Cutting Steels, Manufacturing Steels, CK 45 Manufacturing Steels, Improvement Steels, Cemented Steels, Transmission Shafts, Cold Drawn Lams, Steel Drawing Pipes It provides service by cleaning and drafting as well as cutting in sizes and dimensions.

Cleaning and Grinding; Zara Iron and Steel has been making a new investment of approximately 200 m2 since 2014, establishing the course of Borwerk, Milling and Grinding machines, and cleaning and grinding the steel product groups that it has sold and cut in line with the demands of its customers, making them ready-made and serving.

Our Services

What are we doing?

We cut.
  • We carefully cut your products.
  • We make it as ready as you want.

We clean your products.
  • We clean the surfaces of your products with the milling process.
  • With the Borwerk process, we make the edge surfaces of your materials clean.
  • And finally, we make your products workable with the grinding process.

We deliver.
  • We deliver your carefully prepared products by racing against time.

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