Our Philosophy


It includes the basic principles of its establishment to serve industry with a longer-lasting, innovative and high quality product portfolio without giving up being a pioneer and permanent.


We aim to be a beneficial company for its country by expanding its business volume by increasing its awareness and share in Turkish market by continuosly improving quality it offers.


Zara Demir Çelik employees are sensitive about values by being aware of the factors necessary for success in business life. Each employee knows the importance of values in order to achieve unity of purpose and support the corporate culture, and acts in accordance with them by personally adopting common values.
  • Maintain customer satisfaction,
  • Ensuring continuous development of employees,
  • Working in accordance with business ethics,
  • To be innovative,
  • Focus on team success,
  • Perpetuating the quality.


  • Being honest, reliable and fair,
  • Using resources efficiently,
  • Respecting social values,
  • Protect the environment,
  • To be hardworking.